League Teams

Ladies' Team

The Club has a very successful ladies team which plays doubles tennis in both the summer and winter Aylesbury and District Tennis Leagues (ADTL). Over the last few years the team has progressed up the divisions and now plays in Division 3 both in the summer and winter leagues. We have a core of eight ladies who play regularly but we would welcome new players who enjoy playing competitive (but friendly) tennis at a good standard.

Men’s Teams

The Club has two men’s doubles teams in the ADTL, playing in divisions 6 and 7 for the  winter season.  In the 2017 summer season the first team gained promotion to Division 4 and the second team plays in division 7 during the summer. As with the Ladies' team, we are always looking for new team members and would welcome any new players.

Mixed Team

We have a mixed doubles team in the summer season of the ADTL and team members are usually those who play in the Ladies' and Men’s teams. Again, this team has done very well in the League and now plays in division 3.

You can follow the progress of our teams in the ADTL during the 2018-19 winter season by clicking on each team below:

Ladies' Team
Men's First Team
Men's Second Team

If you are interested in playing in one of the teams (and play at a good standard!) then please do contact us at info@ovingtennisclub.co.uk, giving us your telephone number.

League Match