Court Booking

Club members can book courts online using the LTA's ClubSpark facility which allows bookings to be made starting on the hour or half-hour. To book a court, you will first need to register on ClubSpark (or be registered with the LTA). Then you can book either court according to the following simple rules:
  • Courts can be booked up to 14 days in advance of usage
  • You can make up to five bookings in any 7-day period
  • You can book either court but only one court may be booked at any one time
  • Courts can be booked up to a maximum of two hours duration
  • When booking a court, please select the time that you want your session to finish
  • If a booking is no longer required then it should be cancelled as soon as possible so that other members can book the court
After submitting your booking request you will receive a confirmation by email.

If you want to play on the courts it’s strongly recommended that you make a booking to avoid disappointment. Please note that there are times when the courts are in use for coaching, club sessions, and matches and these can be seen on the court booking system. If a court does not already have a booking at a particular time, then any member may use the court at that time by booking in advance. Please see the note below regarding the required precautions against Covid-19.
Covid-19 restrictions